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 Welcome to Plastic Paradise!

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Welcome to Plastic Paradise! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Plastic Paradise!   Welcome to Plastic Paradise! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 9:13 pm

WELCOME TO Plastic Paradise!!

Approvals: The Admin will approve new members from 7 a.m. EST to 10 p.m. EST.  If you do not receive an E-mail after registering, it may be for one of two reasons.  

1.  You registered after 10 p.m. EST but before 7 a.m. EST which means the Admin is sleeping. -or- 2. The E-mail saying you were approved is in your SPAM box.  

If you do not hear back or have a problem registering, please use the CONTACT tab at the bottom of the Plastic Paradise Forum homepage.

***I periodically clear out inactive accounts.  If you're unable to log in, and think you are a member here, please use the CONTACT tab and we will get it straightened out.  Thanks!

2.  Once you are a member of Paradise please take time to Introduce yourself and, if you wish to Buy/Sell/Trade, make a Feedback thread.  After you post your Introduction, you'll automatically be able to see a majority of the forum with the exception of several areas in the Marketplace.  You'll be able to see those areas after you make your Feedback thread.  Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE that if you were a member of Plastic Paradise when it originally opened several years ago, you may no longer be a member.  Both the original membership and all of the original messages were transferred to Blythe Kingdom to allow the Admin here to take a much needed break.  The changeover took place on October 22, 2010 so if you were a member prior to that date, you will need to sign up again here.


- This group is for mature individuals 21 years or older.

- No DRAMA.  If you have any concerns, questions, or problems PM the Admin first before going "public" to air your grievances.  Please treat others the way you want to be treated.

- If you have unresolved BDDs or if your name seems to be mentioned multiple times there, you will not be approved as a member of this forum.

- Anyone found to be a nuisance will be removed/banned (i.e. fed to the Sharks) at the discretion of the Admin. You will, however, be contacted first and given a choice to either follow the rules or to no longer be a community member.

-Islanders who have "0" messages will only be able to see the Adrift at Sea (Rules), Aloha (Welcome) and Feedback Sections of this Forum. Once you post your Introduction, you'll be able to see everything but the Marketplace and Primal Scream.  Once you make a Feedback thread, you'll be able to see the entire Marketplace.

-There is a group on the Island called "Open Swim."  Here is the description:

Feel like you're treading water in the hobby? Something frustrating you and you need to chat with like minded Islanders? Post your hobby related vents here without the fear of being gobbled up by a shark. Thick skin required. Respect other's opinions and be polite. No Lifeguard on duty so if you are a "tender heart" and have your feelings easily hurt, please refrain from joining in the conversation. There is no "editing" or "deleting of posts allowed so please be comfortable with what you are posting prior to pushing the "SEND" button. Members with 50 posts or more will be automatically invited to participate.

There are additional rules for Buying/Selling/Trading.  Please review those rules prior to listing in the Marketplace.
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Welcome to Plastic Paradise!
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