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 Members Adrift and Unable to Log In

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Members Adrift and Unable to Log In Empty
PostSubject: Members Adrift and Unable to Log In   Members Adrift and Unable to Log In Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2014 11:10 am

If you're a member and unable to Log In, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1.  You've forgotten your password. If you try an incorrect password more than 3x in a row, the software will lock you out for 15 minutes.  If you still cannot remember, click HERE and Admin will reset your password.

2.  Your account is inactive. I do deactivate inactive accounts of people who have not visited in more than 3 months.  The system sends a message which I write to let people know I am about to deactivate their account. I give a warning and then two weeks later a second warning and then I deactivate it. If you don't get the message, you probably have the option in your account checked to not receive newsletters. If the Email address I send to comes back as no longer active or does not exist, I delete the account entirely. Inactive accounts can be reactivated and will have all messages but those automatically pruned by the software (messages not commented on after 120 days), just ask by clicking HERE and Admin will reset your password and reactivate your account.

3.  You were banned. This really only applies to six people and none of them were ever officially members of Plastic Paradise. So it's like a pre-ban of two known SCAM'ers from other forums and several known SPAM'ers from other forums. I try to be proactive.  If you think you were banned, just ask by clicking HERE.
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Members Adrift and Unable to Log In
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